Thursday, February 18, 2010

Here we go again!

After seeing a new low number on the scale - guess what? I am up 2 lbs. Seems like my rollercoaster ride of up and down is not over. I was thinking this morning after I was reading several other blogs, seems like quite a few people are experiencing this up and down...maybe its the moon? or the pull of gravity? or something like that? For me, I think it may have to do with the fill I got recently. Even though it was a very small fill .2cc - I have felt quite a bit of restriction from it and have found that I am still having alot of liquids or sliders. Mostly because it is easier and other foods are just not comfortable. Not that I have gotten stuck on anything - but more like just an uncomforatble feeling of pressure when I eat. So, I have been having alot more "easy" foods (including ice cream!). It is a little like when I first got the band - during that first six weeks of "healing" time where I ate easy food and didnt really lose much weight. It has been a week since my fill and I am just now feeling like I can eat regular food again. So, I guess like in the first few weeks of banding, I just needed to consider this time as a healing time (from the fill) and hopefully now I am ready to get back to eating the right foods -not the easy stuff, and hopefully that will mean things will start moving again.


  1. Hope things settle down soon and solids get easier. 'Soft Food Syndrome' is a slippery slope and I've found myself there more than once with a gain. Here's to solids ;-)

  2. It could be that reason but sometimes eating is an effort isn't it??? Who would have ever thought I would say that???

  3. CACK!! I hate that too. Sometimes it seems like that 2 lbs is NEVER going to disappear. But it does, it just takes a while sometimes.

  4. I have this issue too! I will lose some, gain one, stay the same for awhile and then repeat the whole cycle. I don't quite understand it, but I guess as long as continue to steadily lose, I can't complain? Or shouldn't anyway. Glad to know I am not the only one.
    Just found your blog, very good. :-)